Meet the Judges

Dave Chow

Hong Kong

Mr. Chow was the Grand Prize winner of ADA International Aquatic Plant Layout Contest 2007, the first ever Hong Kong person to receive such honour. Starting from 2003, he has been participated in IAPLC year after year, not just for the prizes, but also for the experience, as well as to spread the concept of aquascape being a piece of living art. He introduced “NA concept” to Hong Kong through his company and has been bringing positive influence to the traditional market. Mr. Chow will continue to put his utmost effort in introducing this “Living Art” to the world and hold the firm belief that it will one day become a widely recognised art form, just as painting or sculpturing

Giuseppe Nisi


Mr. Nisi was born in Germany but with Apulian origins. He currently lives and works in Bologna. He was introduced to the wonderful world of aquariums in 2008 and immediately became an enthusiast of plant cultivation. After discovering aquascaping, thanks to the Takashi Amano aquariums, he immediately developed a passion for natural layout. Since that time, he has setup and dismantled many aquariums, acquiring experience and deriving a great deal of satisfaction. He is part of an active aquascaping group called ITAU (Italian Aquascaping Union). He actively participates in different on-line contests and some live contests.

Luis Carlos (Luca) Galarraga


Mr. Galarraga is an architect who is also co-owner of Aquabase, a Brazilian company specialized in Aquascaping. Having participated in numerous aquascaping competitions he has placed first in CBAP - Concurso Brasileiro de Aquapaisagismo eight times as well as placing first and receiving “Best in Show” in the AGA (Aquatic Gardeners Association) compettion twice. He is a five time TOP27 (Honor Prize - Plate) recipient in IAPLC (International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest). On top of that he won the silver and bronze prize at IAPLC in 2017 and 2020 respectively.

Filipe Oliveira


Mr. Oliveira has been an aquarist since 1999. He is a professional aquascaper, photographer, PR Manager and designer at Aquaflora B.V. He has performed workshops and seminars all over the world, and his experience as judge includes : CBAP Brazil, EAPLC, CIAC - CIPS China, RAC - Romanian Aquascaping Contest, Web Aquascaping Contest, and HAC - Hungarian Aquascaping. Some of his acheivements as an aquascaper are 2006 - 1st place on AGA Contest in Large Category, 2006 - Best of the show AGA Contest in Large Category, 2006 - 2nd place on AGA Contest in Small Category, 2007 - 1st place on AGA Contest in small Category, 2009 - 1st place on AGA Contest in small Category, and 2010 – 3rd place on AGA Contest in Small Category.

Takayuki Fukada


Mr. Fukada is a Japanese aquascaper from Okazaki, Aichi, Japan. He works in Tokyo as a graphic designer, while enjoying planted aquarium layouts as a hobby. He is an active member of the Tokyo Aquascaping Union (TAU). In addition to his own works, he judges various contests, in various countries, mainly in Europe and Asia.

Mike Senske


Mr. Senske is president,co-owner, and co-founder of Aquarium Design Group started in 2000 . He has been a hobbyist and has worked in the aquarium industry for over 40 years . He has been judging international aquascaping competitions for the past 15 years.

Javier Lecuna


Mr. Lecuna is the owner of Habitat Nature Aquariums in Mexico City, Mexico, a store that specializes in aquascaping. He is also the president of the Aquascaping Club of Mexico. Javier has judged many competitions internationally, as well as placed in several others including No. 8 World Ranking IAPLC 2019, No. 56 World Ranking IAPLC 2020, No. 10 World Ranking IAPLC 2021, No. 2 CBAP 2019, and two-time Top 10 in AGA.

Tamás Danyikó


Mr. Danyikó is a host of the Green Aqua YouTube channel besides being the Director of operations at the Hungarian company. He's mostly known for his Iwagumi scapes, but being part of the Green Aqua team, he builds multiple tanks a year in different styles. While mainly associated with aquascaping, he's also a photographer and an avid car enthusiast.

Oliver Knott


Mr. Knott is a German aquascaper, aquarium designer, and author. He has been in the aquarium industry since he was 16 years old and has since acquired an impressive reputation in the industry. Some of his awards include Overall Winner – AGA 2004, First Place and Audience Favortie – AGA 2005, and 10th place – IAPLC 2005.

Serkan Çetinkol


Mr. Çetinkol is a Turkish Aquascaper, teacher, and the co-owner of Adist Aquascaping shop, located in Istanbul, Turkey. Adist Aquascaping, established in 2017, was the first aquascaping shop to open in the Republic of Turkey. Serkan has participated and ranked highly in many aquascaping competitions around the world, including the IAPLC and the AGA competition. He has also judged many international aquascaping contests throughout his career.